First visit at RERYTE

If this is your first visit make sure you show up 10-15 minutes before the class starts. This will give us enough time for an introduction. 

Bring a bottle of water (no glass) and sports shoes. You'll be given a little towel. 

If this is the first time on the indoor cycling bike, no worries, we gonna explain you everything you need to know! 

How to book a class?

Before you book a class you need to create an account with your email address. 

Then you're able to book your preferred package.
For newbies we have a First Time Special - check this out on the 'Buy Sessions' page. 

With your credits in your backpack you can now choose any class on the schedule and pick the bike you like to sit. 

Be dressed in workout gear and ready to roll at the club 5 mins before the class starts.

Can I only pay with credit card?

Yes, online you will only be able to pay with credit card. 

However, you can send us a message that you would like to pay with PAYPAL. We provide you the email address and credit you your package. 

Do you have changing rooms?

We recommend to show up fully dressed in your gear because we don't have specific changing rooms. 

However, you can always change on the men or women toilets.  

Do you rent shoes?

No, we don't rent shoes. 

You can bring your normal sports shoes as they work just fine. 

Our bikes offer pedals for sports shoes and have the SPD cleats system. 

I am USC member, how do I book a class?

As a USC member you can join our classes with the L (4x per month) or XL (8x per month) membership. 

If you are joining us for the first time, please register yourself here. Put your activation code USC-2021 into the field „Group Enrollment“.

Now you can book your USC Credit and reserve your bike in any class on the schedule.

Cancel at least 8 hrs before the class starts. Otherwise the class will be deducted from your monthly attendance limit.

I am Classpass member, how do I book a class?

As a classpass member you can book your class easily throught your classpass account on their website.

Just log into your classpass account and choose one of the available classes.

If you're unable to join the class you can cancel your enrollment up to 12 hours before the class starts. 

A no show leads to extra fees with your classpass membership. 

Can I cancel a class after I am enrolled?

You can cancel your class free of charge online at least 8 hours before your class begins so that we can fill your spot with a customer on the waiting list. Otherwise, we will have to mark you as a no-show jeopardising that class credit.

Late cancellation for USC members will result in a check in for this day.

How long in advance can I book classes?

We're always releasing the next 7 days for you to book.
So you will be able to book 1 week in advance. 

Do you have 'No Show' fees?

No, we don't have 'No Show' fees. 
However, if you cancel your class late your credit will be deducted from your account. 

Why do the classes have different titles?

We are trying to offer you the best cycling experience. 
So we decided to separate the classes into different music genres. 
Just try them out and pick your favorite music you want to cycle with 🙂

Currently we are offering the following classes: 

Underground Electro - Less vocals, more beats. With music from DJ's like Boris Brejcha, Dom Dolla or Torren Foot you will experience great underground electronic music.

EDM - Electronic Dance Music. These playlist offer you more variety and drops combined with vocals. With DJ's like Armin van Buuren, Avicii or Will Sparks you can enjoy our Electronic Dance Music rides.

Hip Hop - We're offering you the full range of new and oldschool Hip Hop. With Rapper like Eminem, Notorious B.I.G. or Drake you can move your feet with the beat. 

BEYONCÉ - This one is dedicated to all strong women. 45 min packed with all time tracks from Beyoncé. Don't worry, we got everyone covered with this greatest hits playlist. 

LATIN - Get ready for the hottest South American tracks mixed together by Claudia in this 45 minute ride. A must for all who want to feel the rhythm.

CLASSICS - We got beats from the '90s and '00s that will make you feel happy and sweaty at the same time. 

TRASH - Britney Bitch, Riri, NSYNC - you know the lyrics! Let your inner teenager out and book your favorite bike in this ride!

Is there a student discount?


We are happy to offer all our students a nice discount of 15%. 

Create an account and send us an email with your student card to cycling@reryte.de. We will set the discount in your account and you will be able to purchase the packages at a lower price. 

The FIRST TIME SPECIAL is excluded from the student discount.